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Dr. Lab Rat Brooding and lonely EBM stylings with dashes of other styles thrown in for flavour. Favorite track: Forlorn.
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released March 20, 2006

Jeremy Gaston, Josh Lutrell, Jeromy Coffman, David Remmick



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The God Project Topeka

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Track Name: Forlorn
your winter is moving
your breath fills the air
your scars are haunting
my skins still waiting for your touch
I hurt you the first time
you said you tried
I missed you like breathing
I missed suffering and lies

break the silence, whispering
thoughtful, but making no more sense
aware of silence, lacking me
riddled with lost innocence

it hurts like crying
restless and tired
it seems like forever
since meaning had meaning in my life
no mode of reason
no piece of time
to miss the perfection
to miss my life

shadow, hear me, laughing
shadow, hear me, sink
shadow, leave me, dying
shadow, leave me, wrapped in nothing
Track Name: After
I lived a lifetime in darkness waiting for your light
Nothing is all I see
It's all I am
It's all I'll be

I reach through memories of hopelessness longing to be free
You fucking did this to me

I reached a time where all my innocence was torn away from me
Nothing to believe

I lost my fairy tales and fantasies once all within my reach
Far below yet surfacing

I lived a lifetime of deception to only be released
Pieces of what I once believed

I lived a lifetime in darkness waiting for your light
Nothing is all I see
It's all I am
It's all I'll be

I lived a lifetime in darkness waiting for your light
It never came to be
It's all I ever wanted to see

I lived a lifetime in darkness waiting for your light
Nothing is all I see
It's all I am
It's all I am
Track Name: Intolerance
Take, your absolution now, take this place
Question your evolution how, you managed, to ever exist
Sans creation, sans destruction, sans religion, sans your function
Xenophobic abdication, all consuming tyrannical nation now

Devastation, exploitation, immolation, absolution now

Bring, your revolution somehow, try and erase
Give your dollar to a name, that never gave you shit

Your sins
You're sick
You're covered with it
Track Name: Another
In darkness, I fall, presiding over nothing
A hope, I had lost, never to be regained
An innocence, once, that no one can remember
Faded memories, never to be seen again

A piece of what we've lost
I failed to see the cost
Of loosing what we'd be
Of loosing everything

I turned away again
I hurt but both of us did
I sought serenity
All I found was stupidity in me

I face the wall again
I'm trying to remember when I felt
Like I could trust myself with me
I'm tired of everything

I never planned for this
I never thought I could fall like this
I lost all hope, I lost meaning
I never knew suffering like this
Track Name: No One Else
broken pieces, fight to fit
you find a whole
still to recent to forget
the battered hope that was your soul

in a place where everything
has taught you to withdrawal
i will find you there
waiting for your every fall

promises you failed to keep
you become your lies
you become your emptiness
waiting for the world to die

denied by your belief
that they would see you as vile
to distracted to realize
that I would place you on high

in what you see,
you find no entity
inside you head
all you are is mediocrity

in shallow eyes
in darkened dreams
you still remain
I still believe
Track Name: Alone and Nothing
My oxygen, you give me just enough to breath,
My answers, you give me just enough to believe,
My guiding light, you give me just enough to see...
That I'm nothing, you left my unjustly, you left me unjustly.

My innocence, you give me just enough to see,
My absolute, intoxicating, obliterating sense of need,
My heroin, you couldn't save me,
My loneliness, you wouldn't ever leave...
How could you ever leave?

My carapace, you didn't protect me...
From a heart as cold as yours, you left me empty
My precipice, I fell just far enough to see...
That I'm nothing...